my ballerina love

Hello there! 
At bellalou we are obsessed with ballerinas (or call them ballet flats if you like). The shape, the look, the comfort, the ease..marvellous! It is a long standing love. And we owe them, too..
How many times have ballerinas actually saved our feet from almost certain breakdown after a oh-so-long night in heels?! How often have they come to rescue when we realised that we should have left that dance floor about two or three glasses of bubbly ago - at least as far as our feet were concerned?! And then..this moment when the feet slip into that cozy flat leather bed and the pain starts to ease off..priceless..every time!
Not that we hate heels here at bellalou, no, no. High heels have their place and time. But, let's be honest, ladies..who is to say that we wouldn't look gorgeous in a pair of pristine handmade Italian classics? Who is to say 'no entry without high heels'?! No one! I dare to say the flat is the new heel. Classic with a bow, sharp and pointed, in bright colours or black with studs never has a girl had more choice of feminine, beautiful footwear than today. And let me tell you if ballerinas are well-made, carved from a single piece of soft leather there are few obsessions which are more fun. Italian food could be one that gets close maybe..but that's it!
So here is what I recommend: Try it out. Leave that heel for the prom. Leave that sneaker for the gym. Give your feet a break, dress to impress go wild and find your perfect 'flat'. 
Here is some inspiration..
bellalou ballerinas gold  bellalou ballerina brera  
bellalou ballerinas deep gold  bellalou ballerinas white
 bellalou ballerinas corallo  bellalou ballerinas nude
bellalou ballerina naked  bellalou ballerina rockflat