Football Worldcup posters


here at bellalou we like it when many cultures come together to mingle around big events. Fashion shows, design weeks, art fairs..great places to observe, get inspired and learn new things.  this time the football world cup got us thinking...

so many people with emotions, passion, love, hate, compassion..all for the love of the game. for the love to their team. so we started to craft some online ads celebrating bellalou ballerinas and flat shoes..with a perspective on the games as well. since we received a lot of positive they are for you to have a look. we hope you like them!

and if you do, come along to and shop you first pair of bellalou ballerinas. you might just fall in love...

here is for day 1 of the cup...



NL vs Spain..


England vs Italy

Switzerland vs Ecuador

Germany vs Portugal



England vs Uruguay

Argentina vs Iran

USA vs Portugal

Italy vs Uruguay

Italy vs Uruguay..after the game

Before the quarter finals

Brazil vs Chile