Bellalou high quality shoes are handcrafted

in our small workshop in northern Italy.


Entering the workshop the scent of leather and the various sounds of people carefully taking shoes through a traditional manufacturing process puts a smile on our faces. 

We are fascinated by this place: This is pure Italian family tradition & craftsmanship.
We sit down with Alessio to review and agree design, materials and colours. His father has started the business more than thirty years ago and today two generations take care of the quality and details that give our shoes the special touch.
Our Italian leather is carefully selected to develop a product which satisfies both our high standards of quality and our passion for modern interpretations of classic design.
For our Ballerinas we choose ‘capra’, goat leather. Its softness and durability has proven to be perfect for shoes which are worn with bare feet.
Also the inner sole is made of capra as we found it the most comfortable compared to other leather types.

Every shoe goes through various different steps:


the first design

where ideas become reality


the careful leather cutting

we cut ballerinas in one leather piece, so that it does not have a seam on the side of the shoe. This means slightly higher cost for us than sewing together smaller pieces but we believe that it is worth it as it enhances quality and comfort.

the sewing process

the shoe’s upper leather is wedded together with decorations, bow or features. They then rest on the ‘leather tree’, waiting for the soles be added.

the completion

once the inner and outer leather soles have been carefully trimmed to fit perfectly the upper shoe and sole are stitched together for the final product.
A few light hammer blows finish up the process for the right shape & look.

quality control

lastly, quality is being assessed carefully before wrapping our bellalou shoes to please customers around the world.