The world is flat at bellalou.

bellalou is a small business with a simple idea:
Make the shoes you love so others love them too. 
Our passion lies with ‚flats‘, or ‚Ballerina‘ shoes. They are the best of two worlds:
Chic and timeless. Elegance with comfort. Perfect for business. Perfect for leisure. 
So we decided to found bellalou:
Designed with an eye for classic beauty and handcrafted with the finest of skills & materials.
Our deluxe flat shoes come in a rich pallette of colors we love, at prices you will love.

High quality, low markups: how we keep our prices low

We review & agree designs directly with our manufacturing workshop and sell via online & sales events.
This way we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses or wholesale markups and pass these savings on to you.


The result: The quality of designer label shoes at accessible prices.

Every product has been designed & checked for quality, wrapped with care and sold with a personal touch. 
We hope you will see the difference!

What we love

We love handcrafted quality. 
We love colors. 
We love attention to detail. 
We love classic elegance.
We love Italy. 
We love the moment when you buy a pair of shoes and you know ‘they’re perfect for me’. 
We love the smile within when you wear them the first time & you feel that others noticed. 

What we don’t love 

No love for blisters. Ever. 
No love for mass production.
No love for over-the-top bling