Nina von Bronk was born in Germany
& lived in Cape Town, New York, Milan and London.
After starting a marketing career in Hamburg
she decided more than 10 years ago to move to New York
where she worked in the advertising industry.
Here she found her passion for beautiful handmade shoes and accessories.
She loved the breadth of variety and quality in ‘the city’ and hoped that one day she would find the courage to start a small shoe business on her own.
Destiny took her to Milan, the world’s shoe capital, where she found real appreciation for great Italian craftsmanship and admiration for quality and beautiful design.
As she fell in love with Italy Nina went out and investigated, analysed and negotiated
to find a way to bring her dream to life.
And in the end she found what she was looking for:
A small workshop with people who love shoes like she does, who put their passion and expertise
into making great products in a way only a small, family run business can do it.

And that is the beginning...

Supported by her husband rik & encouraged by her little daughter Isabella Lou,
the family’s biggest shoe fan, ‘bellalou’ opened its doors.
Born in London (again destiny intervened..), made in Italy.

We are bellalou.

After many years around the world where we took loads of inspirations
of all the beautiful things we saw we decided
that it is time to follow our passion and do it ourselves:
create a new brand for the shoes we love most: ballerinas.
handmade in italy.
beautiful & comfy.
colourful & fun.
elegant and smart.
We hope you love them, too!